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Reaching Leh


National Highway 1D  sirnagar-Leh highway                                      

The overland approach to Ladakh from the Kashmir valley via the 434-km. Srinagar-Leh road typically remains open for traffic from May to October/November. The most dramatic part of this road journey is the ascent up the 3,505 m (11,500 ft.) high Zoji-la, a tortuous pass in the Great Himalayan Wall. The Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) operates regular Deluxe and Ordinary bus services between Srinagar and Leh on this route with an overnight halt at Kargil. Taxis (cars and jeeps) are also available at Srinagar for the journey.

Leh-Manali Highway                                                                                           

Since 1989, the 473-km Manali-Leh road has been serving as the second land approach to Ladakh. Open for traffic from June to late October, this high road traverses the upland desert plateaux of Rupsho whose altitude ranges from 3,660 m to 4,570 m. There are a number of high passes en route among which the highest one, known as Tanglang La, is sometimes (but incorrectly) claimed to be the world's second highest motorable pass at an altitude of 5,325 m. (17,469 feet). See the article on Khardung La for a discussion of the world's highest motorable passes.


Leh's Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport has flights to Delhi at least daily on Jet Airways and/or Indian Airlines which also provides twice weekly services to Jammu and a weekly flight to Srinagar. Connect in Delhi for other destinations. Go Air operates Delhi to Leh daily flights during peak time.


There are no railways currently in Ladakh, however a railway is proposed. See Bilaspur-Mandi-Leh Railway for more information.

Must be aware of Altitude Sickness before taking a road trip to Leh:


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City Bus Schedule

                               Planing a trip to Ladakh and like to know more .? >>CLICK HERE>>


 Distance in    Km  Departure    (Summer)   Departure    (Winter)             Days
 Batalik-Darchik  179  9:00 am  9:00 am  Daily Except Friday
 Dha-Bema  174  9:00 am  9:00 am  Daily
 Skurbuchan  124  10:00 am  10:00 am  Daily
 Achi Nathang  141  10:00 am  10:00 am  Thursday
 Domkhar Gongma  126  9:30 am  9:30 am  Monday/Thursday
 Hanu Gongma  163  9:00 am  9:30 am  Friday
 Khalsi  99  3:30 pm  3:00 pm  Daily
 Tia  92  12:00 pm  12:00 pm  Daily
 Temisgam  87  12:00 pm  12:00 pm  Daily
 Hemis Shukpachan  91  2:00 pm  1:00 pm  Alternate days
 Mangu    1:30 pm  1:00 pm  Saturday
 Wanla Fanjila  125  8:30 am  8:30 am  Thursday/ Sunday
 Shara  67  4:30 pm  4:00 pm  Daily
 Nyoma  182  9:00 am  9:00 am  Monday/ Thursday
 Fokar    7:30 am  8:00 am  Saturday
 Karey  110  1:00 pm  12:00 pm  Tuesday
 Chiktan via Lamayuru  184  8:00 am  8:00 am  Tue/ Thur/ Sun
 Nubra - Udmaru  153  6:00 am  7:00 am  Saturday
 Nubra - Taksha  152  6:00 am  7:00 am  Thursday
 Chumathang  140  12:00 pm  12:00 pm

 Alternate days & Sunday


 J&K State Buse Routes & Timings  


 Village  Distance in Km  Departure Time  Days
 Chushul Via Mairak  212  6:30 am  Sunday
 Kyoul  279  6:30 am  Tuesday
 Hanley  280  6:30 am  Saturday
 Tsagha  233  9:00 am  Friday
 Mudh  192  9:00 am  Wednesday
 Chumathang  138  12:00 am  Alternate & Sundays
 Tsomoriri  218  6:30 am  10th, 20th, 30th of Month
 Tangtse  118  6:30 am  Wed/ Thur/ Sun
 Deskit  120  6:00 am  Tue/ Thur/ Sat
 Leh-Srinagar (Deluxe)  434  3:00 pm  Daily
 Leh-Srinagar (Semi Deluxe)  434  3:00 pm  Daily
 Leh-Srinagar (Mini)  434  2:30 pm  Daily
 Turtuk-Tyakshi  150  6:00 am  Saturday
 Nubra-Taksha  152  6:00 am  Thursday

Taxi Service & Tariff

Type of Taxis & SUVs 

Hiring Taxi/Jeep in Leh is an easy process. The main taxi stand is just located in the heart of city.There are variety of Jeep/Car to hire, depending on the destination you're suppose to travel, comforts and your budget.


If your tours are easy and off the terrain, the Toyota  Innova (Semi-SUV Car) is the most luxury car available.  The Mahindra Scorpio  is most preferred if you're touring off-road destinations and high passes, like Pangong lake and Nubra valley (due to its high ground clearance ).

The second option and a bit cheaper is the Toyota Qualis , (4 to 6 seater). This car is highly recommended if you're visiting   high altitude area lIke Tsomoriri , and Tsokar lake (where  the temperatures can be extreme)  this car  is fitted with heating plug in the engine and takes no time to run the engine ,even at cold places, whereas other needs to be heated manually, and sometime ends up giving a huge problem, if the temp. is sub zero degree. 


There is a mini car (Van) available to commute within the city and the vicinity,  and to-and-from the airport, but it's not advisable, if you're journey is beyond the town, the car made is very unsafe, even with a slight crash, it can be a fatal for passenger.   


Download Taxi fares and destination here: http://leh.nic.in/pages/Taxi-list.pdf 

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Festival Dates


Name of the festival
Spituk Gustor
Jan 31 & Feb 1
January 21-22
January 9-10
January 28-29
January 18-19
Leh & Likir Monastery
March 2-3
February 19-20
February 8-9
February 27-28
February 17-18
Yargon Tungshak
Nubra (Yarma)
March 7-8
February 24-25
February 14-15
March 5-6
February 23-24
Stok Guru Tsechu
Stok Monastery
March 14-15
February 2-3
February 19-20
March 10-11
February 27-28
Matho Nagrang
Matho Monastery
March 18-19
February 7-8
February 24-25
March 15-16
March 4-5
Saka Dawa
All over Ladakh
June 15
May 4-6
May 25
June 13
June 2
Yuru Kabgyat
Lamayuru Monastery
June 28-29
June 16-17
June 5-6
June 24-25
June 14 -15
Hemis Tsechu
Hemis Monastery
July 10-11
June 29-30
June 18-19
July 7-8
June 26-27
Stongday Gustor
July 18-19
July 6-7
June 26-27
July 15-16
July 4-5
Karsha Gustor
July 28-29
July 16-17
July 6-7
July 24-25
July 14-15
Phyang Tsesdup
Phyang Monastery
July 28-29
July 17-18
July 6-7
July 24-25
July 14-15
Sachukul Gustor
Sachukul Monastery
July 17-18
July 5-6
June 25-26
July 14-15
July 4-5
Korzok Gustor
August 2-3
July 22-23
July 11-12
July 30-31
July 19-20
Dakthok Tseschu
Dak thok Monastery
August 8-9
July 28-29
July 18-19
August 6-7
July 25-26
Sani Nasjal
August 12-13
August 1-2
July 21-22
August 9-10
July 30-31
Deskit Gustor
October 24-25
October 13-14
November 1-2
October 21-22
October 10-11
Thiksay Gustor
November 13-14
November 1-2
November 20-21
November 9-10
October 30-31
Chemday Wangchok
Chemray Monastery
November 23- 24
November 11-12
November30 December 1
November 20-21
November 9-10
Galden Namchot
All over Ladakh
December 20
December 8
December 27
December 16
December 5
Ladakhi Losar
All over Ladakh
December 25
December 14
January 2
December 22
December 12



































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